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About Xinke

Shenzhen Xinke Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.



是一家专业 从事 LCD/LCM OLED 液晶模组 生产设备 CTP 电容式触摸屏生产设备、 3D 曲面玻璃 生产设备、以及配套的 自动化连线非标 设备 的开发 设计与销售 Shenzhen Xinke Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in the development and design of LCD / LCM , OLED liquid crystal module production equipment , CTP capacitive touch screen production equipment, 3D curved glass production equipment, and supporting automatic non-standard equipment . Sale . 2013 年成立 以来一直以 高效 · 实用 · 省人工 ”的设计理念,以“ 掌握核心 · 不断 创新 的发展方向,让 客户 使用 最实用、最 现代化 的生产 设备 与技术工艺。 Since its establishment in 2013 , the company has been using the " efficient , practical , and labor-saving " design concept, and " mastering the core , continuous innovation " development direction, allowing customers to use the most practical and modern production equipment and technology. 可根据客户 产品 需求 定制 设计 ,并 提供 相关的 技术培训 工艺改进 、等相关技术服务。 The company can customize designs according to customer product requirements and provide related : technical training , process improvement , and other related technical services.

      自动化 设备 主要销售市场是 中国、 印度、越南、美国 德国、 韩国 、台湾 地区 、新加坡、 迪拜、 俄罗斯、 古巴 巴西、哥伦比亚、加拿大、澳大利亚、杰克、土耳其、 受到客户广泛青睐。 Now the company's main sales markets for automation equipment are : China, India, Vietnam, the United States , Germany, South Korea , Taiwan , Singapore, Dubai, Russia, Cuba , Brazil, Colombia, Canada, Australia, Jack, Turkey, and are widely favored by customers. The company firmly establishes the customer first business philosophy. 设备 性能 设备品质、 设备价格、设备交期、技术服务 等方面取得客户信赖作为我们的经营方针 为客户提供 高品 质的 设备 与服务 Taking customer performance in terms of equipment performance , equipment quality, equipment price, equipment delivery time, technical service, etc. as our operating policy , we provide customers with high-quality equipment and services . 我国 现代化 工业 技术飞速发展做出我们的贡献。 The company warmly welcomes domestic and foreign customers to come to the company for technical exchanges and business negotiations. The company will try its best to provide excellent equipment and satisfactory services for domestic and foreign customers, and make our contribution to the rapid development of modern industrial technology in China .