XK-62H (DT90) Dual Station Constant Temperature Pre-Pressure Integrated Machine
  • XK-62H (DT90) Double Station Constant Temperature Pre-pressing Machine

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  • Date: 2020-1-15 8:57:50

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    Shenzhen Xinke equipment uses: Suitable for various: liquid crystal screen (LCD) and touch function glass / functional film (SENSOR) integrated circuit (PCB) FOG, FOB production process of pre-pressure, pressure process.

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Product introduction:

Double station pre-pressing machine

Application areas:

FOG 邦定、 TAB 邦定、 FOB 邦定、 FOF 邦定等各种产品的邦定工艺。 Applicable to a variety of different sizes : FOG bonding, TAB bonding, FOB bonding, FOF bonding and other products bonding process.

Main features:

电机 自动卷皮装置,保障硅胶皮的使用寿命。 Automatic motor skin rolling device is adopted to ensure the service life of silicone skin.

LG 可编程 PLC 控制器,保障机器连续工作的稳定性。 LG programmable PLC controller is adopted to ensure the stability of continuous machine operation.

日本 Panasonic 数显压力传感器,保障压力数值的准确性。 Japanese Panasonic digital pressure sensor is used to ensure the accuracy of the pressure value.

七寸工业触摸屏 ,保障参数设置方便及调机速度快。 High-definition seven - inch industrial touch screen is adopted to ensure convenient parameter setting and fast tuning.

CCD 辅助对位,保障产品邦定位的位置准确。 High-definition CCD is used to assist the alignment to ensure the accurate positioning of the product.

台湾 导轨及滑块,保障设备动态精度及使用寿命。 Taiwan guide rail and slider are adopted to ensure the dynamic accuracy and service life of the equipment.

双轴天平式 调节装置,保障压头平行调节方便。 The dual-axis balance adjustment device is used to ensure the convenient parallel adjustment of the indenter.

千分尺三维调节 装置,保障 FPC 微调的精确度。 The micrometer three-dimensional adjustment device is adopted to ensure the accuracy of FPC fine-tuning.

   Basic parameters:

        十二寸 (可以定制) Platform size: 12 inches (can be customized)

90mm (可以定制) Head size: 90mm (can be customized)

恒温加热 Heating method: constant temperature heating

+ 0.02mm Pressing accuracy: + 0.02mm

AC220V 50-60HZ Input power: AC220V 50-60HZ

0.65KW Equipment power: 0.65KW

0.4-0.6Mpa Working pressure: 0.4-0.6Mpa

800*600*1450mm Dimensions: 800 * 600 * 1450mm


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