One-station thermostatic pre-pressing machine XK-62H (DT150)
  • One-station thermostatic pre-pressing machine XK-62H (DT150)

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  • Date: 2020-1-16 8:51:36

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    Double-station pre-pressing all-in-one machine Application area: Suitable for various products of different specifications: FOG bonding, TAB bonding, FOB bonding, FOF bonding and other products bonding process.

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Product introduction:

Main features:

Automatic motor skin rolling device is adopted to ensure the service life of silicone skin.

LG programmable PLC controller is adopted to ensure the stability of continuous machine operation.

Japanese Panasonic digital pressure sensor is used to ensure the accuracy of the pressure value.

High-definition seven - inch industrial touch screen is adopted to ensure convenient parameter setting and fast tuning.

High-definition CCD is used to assist the alignment to ensure the accurate positioning of the product.

Taiwan guide rail and slider are adopted to ensure the dynamic accuracy and service life of the equipment.

The dual-axis balance adjustment device is adopted to ensure the convenient parallel adjustment of the indenter.

The micrometer three-dimensional adjustment device is adopted to ensure the accuracy of FPC fine-tuning.

Basic parameters:

Platform size: 12 inches (can be customized)

Indenter size: 15 0mm (can be customized)

Heating method: constant temperature heating

Pressing accuracy: + 0.02mm

Input power: AC220V 50-60HZ

Equipment power: 0.65KW

Working pressure: 0.4-0.6Mpa

Dimensions: 800 * 600 * 1450mm

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