Flap laminating machine XK-61TA (7 inches)
  • Flap laminating machine XK-61TA (7 inches)

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  • Date: 2020-1-13 8:51:50

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    Application area of flip laminating machine: Suitable for a variety of sizes within seven inches: G + F lamination, P + G lamination, glass Glass and OCA glue, LCD LCD and polarizer Craft.

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Product introduction:

Flap laminating machine

Application areas:

G+F 贴合、 P+G 贴合、玻璃 Glass OCA 胶贴合、液晶 LCD 与偏光片等产品的贴合工艺。 Applicable to various specifications within seven inches : G + F lamination, P + G lamination, glass Glass and OCA glue lamination, LCD LCD and polarizer lamination.

Main features

步进电机 +滚珠丝杆 驱动平台,保障平台平移速度 /距离/平顺稳定。 Stepper motor + ball screw drive platform to ensure platform translation speed / distance / smoothness and stability.

日本 Panasonic 可编程 PLC 控制器,保障机器连续工作的稳定性。 Japan Panasonic programmable PLC controller is adopted to ensure the stability of continuous machine operation.

五寸工业触摸屏 ,保障参数设置方便及调机速度快。 High-definition five - inch industrial touch screen is adopted to ensure convenient parameter setting and fast tuning.

台湾 导轨及块,保障设备动态精度及使用寿命。 Taiwan guide rails and blocks are used to ensure the dynamic accuracy and service life of the equipment.

齿轮传动增力 装置,保障贴合 大尺寸 产品有充足的压力。 The gear transmission power-increasing device is adopted to ensure that there is sufficient pressure for fitting large and medium- sized products.

千分尺调节 装置,保障贴合位置的调节精确度。 The micrometer adjustment device is adopted to ensure the accuracy of adjustment of the fitting position.

   Basic parameters:

        七寸 (可以定制) Platform size: seven inches (can be customized)

+ 0.05mm Pressing accuracy: + 0.05mm

AC220V 50-60HZ Input power: AC220V 50-60HZ

0.2KW Equipment power: 0.2KW

0.4-0.6Mpa Working pressure: 0.4-0.6Mpa

Dimensions: 680 * 480 * 380mm CTP触摸屏生产设备

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