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Date: 2017-12-26 09:48:38
Related content for automation equipment

Introduction of welding automation equipment With the increase of product types and continuous improvement of product quality requirements, welding automation equipment requires higher welding processes, so many products with manual welding have more and more requirements for welding automation equipment. many. Jiyite assembly line provides you with professional production of various non-standard special automatic welding automation equipment.
Application features of automation equipment engineering:
1. Positioning of the workpiece on the work station: According to the actual situation of the demand-side product, the axial and circumferential directions are based on a certain hole (or pipe joint) for pipe connection.
2. The workpiece loading and unloading (up and down line) adopts manual mode, and the loading of accessories is manual material sorting and automatic loading.
3. Welding is automatic welding. The welding torch moves in multiple degrees of freedom, and the workpiece can be rotated to achieve the desired position of the weld.
4. The PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) is used to control the entire automatic production process. The touch screen is used as the man-machine operation interface, and the cylinder and the motor cooperate to perform automatic actions.
Tapping and drilling automation equipment is introduced in modern production and life of machine parts housings, equipment end faces, nuts, flanges, furniture parts and other hardware products with different specifications, which often need to be processed through-hole or blind-hole parts. The process of processing internal threads, screws, or fasteners on the inner side. This process is simple and tedious. If a large number of workpieces need to be processed, the operation of the enterprise is more difficult. Shisu Automation Machinery is to solve these problems for the enterprise.
Equipment action flow:
The sliding bearing is vibrated by the vibrating disc ---- it is directly vibrated into the processing station ---- it is pushed by the cylinder to the tapping mold ------ the tapping machine sends out the tapping ----- The tapping is completed-the sliding bearing ear is used to launch the tapping mold through the next tapping product-through the conveyor belt to enter another vibrating plate (if not necessary, one more vibrating plate can be used. Assembly preparation area, provided that you can use a squeeze wire tap or use an oil drip device instead of cooling liquid) ------ Vibration disc comes out to the preparation area to be assembled ---- Combined with the left cover to the area to be prepared-- --- The sliding bearing ear and the left side cover are combined by the cylinder ---- automatic discharge ---- complete a cycle of mechanical control is simple: the operator only needs a simple familiarization to control 4-5 at the same time by one person Machine efficiency is high: an automatic tapping machine can complete hundreds to thousands of workpieces in one hour according to the size of the workpiece. Development trend of modern production and science and technology, increasing requirements for automation technology, It also provides the necessary conditions for the innovation of automation technology. After the 1970s, automation began to develop into complex electrical automation, electrical automation system control, and advanced intelligent control, and was widely used in various fields such as national defense, scientific research, and economics to achieve larger-scale automation, such as comprehensive automation of large enterprises System, national railway automatic dispatch system, national power grid automatic dispatch system, air traffic control system, urban traffic control system, automated command system, national economic management system, etc. The application of automation is expanding from engineering to non-engineering fields, such as medical automation, population control, economic management automation, and so on. Automation will imitate human intelligence to a greater extent. Robots have been applied in the fields of industrial production, marine development, and space exploration. Expert systems have achieved significant results in medical diagnosis and geological exploration. Factory automation, office automation, home automation and agricultural automation will become an important part of the new technological revolution and will develop rapidly.

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