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Film machine market status and development trends

Release date: 2017-12-26 09:34:50

The environmental protection awareness and measures of the printing industry have also been enhanced. Especially in the packaging and printing industry such as food and medicine, the ISO9002 quality certification system has been valued and implemented, and the ISO14000 quality certification system has also been included on the agenda. As a legal country, China is constantly improving its environmental regulations, fire regulations and health regulations. These national policies and regulations related to film laminator products will soon be completed. At present, the development trend of the film laminator technology in China is: the cleaning and processing of the film laminator; the products of the film laminator are easy to recycle; the adhesive layer is ultra-thin; the decoration methods are diverse (thin film embossing and holographic film); Multi-purpose machine, compression function, static elimination function, improve efficiency).
The development situation of the reform of the film machine market in China is gratifying, but as a technology, it faces the following new situations in the actual development of the country: |
(1) Diversification of printing papers;
(2) The area of film laminating machine is expanded (the book format is in line with international standards);
(3) Diversified design methods for printed matter;
(4) The development of printing processing is short (short version), variable (variable), and fast (short cycle);
(5) Changes in binding technology;
(6) Post-press processing methods increased.

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