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How much do you know about the bonding machine?

Date: 2017-12-26 09:27:09

Nowadays, the age of machines is gradually replacing the era of pure manual work, and many positions have begun to use machines to replace humans. Sometimes manpower cannot reach the machines and begin to reach them. The bonding machine we are talking about today evolved from this era. Many people find the machine complicated and difficult to handle. In fact, as long as you understand the principle, you will feel simple. Just like a bonding machine, so is understanding how it works.

Bonding machine speed

The speed of the bonding machine has an influence on its temperature control and stability. The faster the speed of the bonding machine, the faster its temperature rises. Because it quickly turns down, the frictional heat generation temperature of its foundation powder rises, and the stirring blades inside the bonding machine take away the heat, and the temperature rise gradually decreases. Therefore, the speed of the bonding machine is fast, and the temperature rises too fast, which is not conducive to the control and stability of the temperature of the bonding machine.

Bonding machine temperature Bonding machine temperature also has a great influence on its bonding effect. If the temperature of the bonding machine is too low, the metal powder cannot be effectively bonded to the base powder. If the temperature of the bonding machine is too high, it is easy to caking. So the temperature control of the bonding machine is very important.

Bonding time The length of the bonding time also affects the state of the metal powder, and the result is the effect of the bonding of the bonding machine.

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