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Function of Bonding Machine

Date: 2017-12-26 09:26:46

With the advancement of science and technology, industrial production has gradually transitioned from manual to mechanical automation. Nowadays, bonding machines are also used in touch screen and other industries to perform hot-press bonding and bonding work. It is not only highly efficient and effective, it is well received by many companies. favorite. The following mainly introduces the function of the bonding machine in detail for everyone.

1. The equipment can set various parameters according to product requirements and automatically perform production according to various indicators.

2. Set according to different temperature, time, pressure and other data required by the product to provide data for production.

3. Decompose and execute various mechanical actions of the equipment through software, suitable for manual production for equipment debugging.

4. On the operation interface, the system will display the running status of each component, and it can automatically detect various functions of the equipment, and display an alarm when a failure occurs.

5. 20 kinds of product parameters can be edited and stored in advance. You don't need to set it again next time you use it, you can directly call it.

6. It can store 50 kinds of IC tray data in advance, and call it directly when using.

7. Password setting and password modification can be performed to strengthen the confidentiality of product data and unified management of equipment.

8. No operator is required to perform temperature test through the instrument, the system automatically detects and sets.

9. The system can automatically store the position of each IC, and it can automatically go to the position of the IC to be repaired according to the needs during operation.

10. The whole machine of the bonding machine has an automatic reset function, which can ensure the automatic reset to the working original under any working conditions.

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