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How to maintain the bonding machine?

Date: 2017-12-26 09:26:18

Bonding machine has many applications in industrial production. Its working capacity determines the efficiency and quality of industrial production, so it is very important for the maintenance of the bonding machine. So how should we maintain the bonding machine?

I. Maintenance of seals and pistons

1. The wear or incorrect installation of the rubber seal ring is the direct cause of oil leakage in the cylinder; the damage or incorrect position of the piston surface is the indirect cause. With a good piston surface, a properly installed rubber seal will last more than 6 months.

2. When the sealing ring needs to be replaced, pay attention to safety and avoid bringing in dirt and impurities. Wait until the support bracket is fixed and then replace the sealing ring. Pay attention to prevent the "flange" phenomenon of the seal ring, so as not to affect the quality. The replaced seal should be carefully inspected to analyze the cause of damage so that preventive measures can be taken.

3. The hydraulic oil of the bonding machine should be kept clean, and the oil pool should be sealed. The filter of the suction pipe of the oil pump should be kept intact, and if damaged, it should be replaced in time. During maintenance, the sediment in the pond should be removed, and the oil should be used after being clarified or filtered (the emulsion should be replaced completely). This is also important for protecting oil pumps and precision valves.

Maintenance of hot platen

1. The upper and lower lining plates of the hot-pressing plate are very important to protect the surface of the hot-pressing plate. The upper lining board directly affects the quality of the slab's surface. Dirt such as wood bundles are often easy to be sandwiched between the lining board and the hot-pressing board. Therefore, it is necessary to periodically remove the lining board to remove dirt, dirt and impurities on it . The upper lining board is usually changed once a week in order to polish the surface and ensure the quality of the finished board surface.

2. For the installation of the upper lining board, it is necessary to pad the wooden beams before pressing. Broken or slabs of different sizes cannot be fed into the hot press. It is not allowed to directly press the fiberboard without the liner. In case of a long stoppage, the steam condensate in the hot platen must be removed in time to prevent internal corrosion.

3. If local leakage is found on the hot-pressed plate, you can repair it with electric welding. After welding, you should test the water pressure, the pressure is 1.2-1.4 times the steam pressure, and repair the welding repair. If it is a leak caused by severe internal corrosion, it should be replaced.

4. If the bonding machine is shut down for a long time, the steam condensate in the hot platen must be drained clean, so as not to cause it to corrode the hot platen.

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