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Common faults and solutions of vacuum laminating machine

Release date: 2017-12-26 09:23:28

With the development and popularization of vacuum laminating machines, it has brought great convenience to the burst screen repair industry. OCA vacuum laminating machines have overcome the bubbles, wrinkles, halos, and water marks caused by manual lamination, and are improving artificial labor. At the same time of labor intensity, it has also got rid of the excessive dependence on personnel proficiency, making the explosion screen repair easier and more efficient. This is a headache for screen-breakers who do not understand the machine. When the laminating machine fails, it will be difficult for the screen-breaker to find the fault. The vacuum bonding is introduced below. Machine common faults:

1. The running speed of the vacuum cylinder of the laminating machine is too slow or too fast. Troubleshooting: Check whether the throttle valve corresponding to the vacuum cylinder is adjusted to the appropriate position. There are two adjusting valves on the back of the laminator to adjust the operating speed of the vacuum cylinder.

2. The vacuum cylinder of the laminating machine does not descend. Troubleshooting: Check whether the interface position of the sensor is intact and manually check whether the cylinder is lowered normally. There is also a check whether the vacuum pump can work normally.

3. The vacuum degree of the vacuum gauge of the laminating machine cannot be drawn. The troubleshooting method: check whether the sealing cylinder of the laminating machine is in a seal when it is operating, and whether the vacuum pump used by the laminating machine is normally used. Whether the area is on a high plateau.

4. The heating system of the laminator is not working. Troubleshooting: Check whether the temperature control is used normally.

5. The vacuum pump of the laminating machine has been working. The method of troubleshooting: the power cord of the vacuum pump is not plugged into the back of the laminating machine, but directly plugged into the power strip. Check whether the relay of the laminating machine is normal and check whether the vacuum pump is refueled. .

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