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What are the characteristics of protective film laminating machine

Release date: 2017-12-26 09:22:56

The film machine brings a lot of convenience to people. The fashionable people can decorate the mobile phone by choosing their favorite pictures, say goodbye to the monotonous color, and even show a personalized style, giving a new visual impact. The active film laminator can not only protect the screen of the mobile phone from scratches and oil, but also reduce the fatigue of the eyes of the owner when using the mobile phone.

The active film laminator can perform the two-layer application of "clean" and "clear film" bonding on the appearance of the object. The two sets of rollers can work simultaneously to complete double-sided cleaning and various films, and can control the tension to keep the film of the film machine flat . The upper axis presses through a wide range of pads under the clear film, and the negative film of the active film laminator constitutes a sandwich, which facilitates the final shape grave and cutting, and saves valuable protective films. Before applying the film, we can perform cleaning and static elimination work together to prevent the trouble that dust cannot be removed afterwards. The special plan of the active film laminator machine can be used for cleaning and laminating glass.

1. PLC control system, the system operation is stable and reliable, and the operation is simple.

2. Colorful touch screen LCD display input, Chinese menu, all parameter settings are simple and intuitive to read.

3. Fitted to the channel servo motor control, the operation is stable, without vibration, and the position is accurate.

4. The label-covering roller is flexible to press and double-layer, to make the pressure more uniform and stable, to ensure a flat fit, no bubbles and no wrinkles.

5. Able to set up single station, double-layer film, or multi-station customization.

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